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Go Away On Their Own! 
If the IRS is knocking on your door, Our Tax Resolution Team can help you find relief—fast!
Here’s How We Help You
Get Your Life Back
The IRS is a financial juggernaut that doesn’t care about the people behind the financial struggles; they simply want their money. At Greener Pastures Tax Solutions, we help shield our clients from this overbearing government agency to help them overcome financial hurdles and stressful times with years of hands-on tax experience!

Most of this takes place without you ever coming to our offices. We live in a day and age where technology makes it easy for us to represent you no matter where you reside. Of course, you can always come to our offices if you prefer, whatever is more convenient for you.   

Greener Pastures Tax Solutions
Our Easy 3-Step Process for Tax Resolution
Worry Less, Live More
Step 1
Call us today for immediate support or set up a consultation that meets your schedule. 
Step 2
We’ll sit down with you to determine where you’re at financially, what the IRS claims they need from you, and what we can do to help!
Step 3
We’ll get to work solving your tax problems with minimal input or effort on your end! Regular updates and direction will be provided to help you further along your path.
Let Us Deal With The IRS For You
“We have been clients of Greener Pastures Income Tax for over 10 years. In that time, we have found the staff to be professional and courteous. Preparers are knowledgeable and helpful. Concerns are addressed promptly. No other preparer in the are can compare to the services provided here.”  
- C&K, Visalia CA
"Kassi has prepared my taxes for the past 15 years. I completely trust her to give me lawful tax deductions. I am a retired Associate Warden, and highly recommend her to all correctional workers, and to others, who need a fair and through tax preparation."
- H&S, Madera CA
"Kassi has helped us for a few years now. She's thorough and diligent. Even with the new tax code, she was prompt and communicated regularly throughout the process."
-Jeremy C.
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